A short sale expedited by an experienced Realtor can help avoid the embarassment of foreclosure and allow you to get on with your life with less impact on your credit record.

Avoid Foreclosure with a Short Sale... Get On With Your Life!  

Your Real Estate Short Sale Option

Is Your Home Worth Less Than You Owe On It? Do You Want To Sell?

A Short Sale could be your best option... if you can show you can no longer afford your house payments.

You probably qualify for a Short Sale if you are having difficulty making mortgage payments due to any of these changes in your financial or health situation:

  • You or your spouse lost your job.  
  • You had to take a lower paying job.  
  • Your work hours were reduced.  
  • You have new, big family medical expenses. 
  • You have new family caregiver obligations. 
  • You are going through a divorce.  
  • One of you died, reducing your joint income.  
  • You have to move to take a job transfer.  
  • You must move to take a new job.  
  • You are otherwise delinquent in your house payments and facing foreclosure.  

If any of those situations apply to you, we can help you. There is no charge for our service.  

Look again at that list.
You don't have to be totally destitute to qualify to get out from your mortgage. The rules have become more and more liberal as the banks and government see the advantages of relieving homeowners of onerous debt. A Short Sale can relieve you of hundreds of thousands of dollars of debts in exchange for modest negative credit rating hits for a few years.

In over 75% of those cases a Real Estate Short Sale has turned out to be the homeowner's best option, provided it was handled by an experienced Short Sale Realtor.

Carolyn Enlow, the managing broker for American Short Sale Advisors, has been a licensed Realtor for over twenty years. She and her associates formed American Short Sale Advisors specifically to help homeowners in financial trouble with homes valued below their mortgage balances.

Over the years whave developed an outstanding database of Realtors experienced in negotiating and expediting the tricky waters of lender demands and federal relief programs. By referring homeowners to those specialists, we are able to operate without charging the homeowner for her consultations.

Each case is treated individually, with discretion and respect for your privacy. Information is shared only with a referral Short Sales Realtor unless you specifically request otherwise. We receive our fee from that Realtor only if they are successful in helping you sell your home.

Time is your biggest challenge. It is important to get out and done before you face foreclosure and bankruptcy. The Short Sale Realtor you use can make or break your success in getting your home through the Short Sale process in a timely manner.

You are not alone...

Literally millions of prudent homeowners have seen their home equity evaporate through no fault of their own.

Our Federal government, earlier in the last decade, encouraged easy-money mortgages, creating a huge home value inflation bubble that finally burst.

Honest working people needed homes for their families. The only homes available were going for irrationally inflated prices. It was either pay that amount or not have a decent place for the family to live.

When the bubble burst and prices sank back to reasonable levels all those homeowners found themselves owing mortgages well over the market value of their home.

All this has had the effect of blocking homeowners from being able to afford to sell and get out from under their mortgage when a personal health or financial crisis strikes.

To learn more, read through the articles linked on the left. If you think we can help you, call us or click this More Information link and we will discuss the situation. There is no charge.

Your Four Options

If you are behind in your mortgage and you are unable to keep up the payments, there are four ways to address the problem. Each has its pros and cons. Follow the links at the left to learn more about each process.

Loan Modification:
You and your lender discuss your situation and mutually agree to adjust your monthly loan payments. Nice idea, but lenders are seldom willing to modify loans sufficiently to solve the problem. They are usually only extending your misery.

Short Sale:
Your lender gives you permission to sell your home for market value and accepts the amount as full payment. Short sales gain more rapid approval when they are brought to the lender by an experienced Short Sale Realtor.

We support the Short Sale approach as a reasonable way to completely solve the problem, avoid the embarrassment of foreclosure and bankruptcy... and to get on with your life with the least impact on your credit rating.

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure:
Rather than letting your home go through foreclosure, you surrender ownership, handing over the deed.

Involuntary Foreclosure:
You stop paying and wait to be evicted.

In our experience the most successful of those processes is the Short Sale.  Short Sales gain more rapid approval as long as they are brought to the lender by an experienced Short Sale Realtor.
Short Sales have much less of an impact on your credit rating than going through either foreclosure process.




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